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              宏興幕墻門窗建筑 不銹鋼公制套管壁虎

              單價: 面議
              發貨期限: 自買家付款之日起 3 天內發貨
              所在地: 廣東 佛山市
              有效期至: 長期有效
              最后更新: 2016-01-15 11:20
              瀏覽次數: 282
              公司基本資料信息 進入店鋪




                      Since1987, Hongxing Construction Material Co., Ltd. has been an innovative and professional company engaged in research, development and manufacturing of fittings for curtain wall and hardware for windows and door. Her factory “Hongshi Decoration Materials Factory” which covers the area of 6000 square meters was established in 1999. The company supplies high quality fittings and provides consulting services to the facade industry.
                      "Eternal Brand can only be created by professionalism”. It is practiced by Hongxing personnel at all levels in the company. Hongxing which develops with her firm ideas, upgrades, manufacturing technique, and improves her product quality to satisfy clients all around the world.
                      Human-based management, leading technique, advanced equipments create high quality products. Hongxing products have been sold for many traders, builders andchains from Europe and the Americas, all the way to Africa and Asia as well.
                      "Quality creates life of enterprise” Hongxing employees search for the best materials available. We look forward to establishing a relationship and becoming long term business partners in the near future.

              宏興幕墻五金01 900
              宏興幕墻五金02 900

              宏興幕墻五金3 900

              宏興幕墻五金 900
              宏興幕墻五金05 900
              宏興幕墻五金04 900
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